Standalone banners and billboards are quickly becoming history with the advancements in the LED display industry. From advertisements to displaying information at an event, digital signage presents an opportunity for brands to immerse their audience members in a story that grips their imaginations. In an increasingly digital age, LED screens provide the perfect solution for casinos looking to attract gaming and tech-savvy sports betting and gaming audiences to their premises. For casinos, advertising glamorous experiences through LED displays can contribute significantly to engaging customers and, in turn, generating more revenue. Brighter, bolder, and more dynamic LED screens are defined by the technological allure that appeals to contemporary audiences accustomed to sophisticated interactive video games.

Helping the casino and gaming industry explore the limitless possibilities of LED technology is Atlanta-based NanoLumens, an LED solutions expert that provides edge to edge design freedom from concept to completion. The company also caters to a wide range of clients from the transportation, aviation, education, sports, and retail industries. By collaborating with its clients every step of the way, NanoLumens enables the freedom to create immersive experiences.

A pioneer in the visualization industry, NanoLumens had already established its position in the market while LED displays were on the cusp of transforming visualization technologies. “The curve has been one of the biggest game changers in LED display technology. While LED technology slowly started to rise in prominence, NanoLumens was already making curved displays a reality,” says Ney Corsino, Chief Executive Officer at NanoLumens. With a passion for testing the limits and going the extra mile in terms of creativity, the company caters to the large consumer segment of the LED market and enterprises seeking creative, innovative, state-of-the-art display solutions for their businesses. NanoLumens not only excels in curved LED displays but also caters to a growing market that demands high quality and long-lasting results through conventional flat displays.

To stay ahead of its competition, NanoLumens offers a range of products to create compelling experiential environments. The company’s Nixel Series™ empowers clients with the creative freedom to transform any environment with an immersive display experience. The series delivers limitless customization and unrivaled performance. “The Nixel Series has already become a brand name among architects and designers. The flexibility to customize it by shaping or twisting it in any way brings in the freedom of design that is much appreciated,” adds Corsino.

NanoLumens also offers the Engage Series, a value line of flat display solutions geared toward indoor needs and is ideal for close-distance viewing environments where image quality is of the utmost importance. The Engage Series is also one of the simplest and slimmest display solutions to date that will brand the casino from the entrance to the game floor. The company’s outdoor Performance Series™ is specialized for flat surfaces and is designed to enhance and energize outdoor viewing environments. Using both series’ products enables messaging throughout the casino floor to the outdoor signage, from the front of the casino to poolside.

Engineers at NanoLumens are experts with handling difficult instillations. In one instance, NanoLumens was tasked with replacing outdated display technology for Red Rock Resort and Casino, which was using typical multi-screen projection-based technology for their sportsbook displays. NanoLumens stepped in with the latest visualization technology, upgrading everything to dvLED displays. Screens were replaced with rear-service 2.5mm NPP dvLED Engage Series displays, designed to utilize remaining access platforms.

The curve has been one of the biggest game changers in LED display technology. While the LED technology slowly started to rise in prominence, NanoLumens was already making curved displays a reality

Their solution maintained the overall aesthetics of the space, incorporating hanging mounts and tiebacks to fit into the existing wall infrastructure, and created a more optimized and immersive experience for the clients’ customers. “Since the update, the images are crisper, sharper, more vibrant with each screen having native- 4k physical resolution and players are engaged in a much better way than the previous technology,” says Corsino. NanoLumens created a space of 1,600 square feet with 72 million pixels and over 220 million individual diodes. Installed in 2015, these systems are still fully operational after six years of continuous duty.

In another scenario, NanoLumens helped the Palms Casino Resort provide a technologically enhanced nightclub experience to their customers with over 50 bespoke custom dvLED displays consisting of almost 100 million pixels. With curved LED displays of different forms and dimensions, the company integrated software and lighting to revamp the nightclub’s display and ambiance into a completely immersive experience, coordinated with DJ and show-control inputs. The whole installation included custom kinetic/ flying wedge-shaped ceiling display of variable radius, shaped curved displays following the contours of multi-story mezzanines, offset curved “ring” display framing the main DJ booth indoor, outdoor curved displays wrapping the kinetic DJ booth that was designed to move out onto the pool deck for day parties, and wall displays integrated into a mirrored “disappear here” infinite entry way.

With an end-to-end approach, NanoLumens works with partners and customers at every step and offers practical solutions. By advising and enriching the conversation in the early stages, the company reduces the risks involved and optimizes the outcomes at the time of execution.

As the economy bounces back from the repercussions of the pandemic, NanoLumens is aligning itself with the radical changes in consumer demands. With a keen focus on growth, NanoLumens has launched several products over the last year and has a roadmap of continuous innovations planned for the future. “What steers NanoLumens forward is our passion for the work we do, our creativity, and strong business ethics. NanoLumens was impacted by the pandemic, but we are coming of it stronger than ever,” notes Corsino.